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What Parents and Students Say About Us

“ I booked my first commercial only 1 month after taking MTC’s Broadway Boot Camp! Since then I’ve done commercials for Lowes, Scholastic Books and a bunch of others. I can’t wait to perform again in N.Y.C. again this summer.”


- Emily C.

"I was thrilled that I was chosenThe Musical Theater Conservatory’s Student of the Month – what an honor! It has been an incredibly busy two years for me, having played several lead roles in some incredible productions with some very talented teens. Randy, Mary, and Hanne have been working with me privately in dance, voice, and also performance coaching, and they have been really great at getting to know me and understanding what is best for me as a person and as a performer. I have been a student at MTC for the past two years, and it has been an all-round great experience. Thanks for all your support and guidance in musical theater!"


- Mitchell E.

"MTC is the perfect combination of fun and learning at the same time. When you're at MTC, you feel like you are with your second family. Randy has become my "drama mama"!


- Samantha L.

"MTC’s Broadway Boot Camp was an amazing experience for both my kids last summer, and they can't wait to return this summer. The program cannot be beat in terms of the quality of instruction in all areas of performance -including voice, dance, drama, and stage combat. Not only does each instructor boast an impressive professional performance resume, but also years of experience in teaching children. In addition to the regular program - which is rich enough in and of itself - Randy brought in guest artists in areas such as commercial technique, and a Broadway star to teach a dance combination straight from the Broadway stage!

     I originally met Randy Elman, MTC’s founder, to apply for a teaching position, but soon realized that my own kids would love it at the Musical Theatre Conservatory. My now twelve-year-old daughter (who already has some skill as a budding actress, singer, and dancer) grew tremendously as a performer last summer. And for my now fourteen-year-old son (whose main passion is science), it became an invaluable growing experience on a whole other level – both artistically and socially, helping him to come out of his shell. He took great pleasure in delivering a line from Damn Yankees that brought the house down with laughter. He thrived there! I will also add that both my kids began the camp with the notion that they did not want to have any solos in the final show, but within the first week their confidence grew and they were bighting at the bit for solo lines and featured moments– which they were given!

     Besides the expert instruction that the kids receive, Randy sets up a highly nurturing and fun environment where all ages befriend and support each other. Each child is assessed according to the strengths they walk in with, but thereafter they are gently challenged to do more. At Broadway Boot Camp the kids learn so much about performance craft and about themselves in the process, which (as I found with my own kids) served to seep into their school year in very positive ways. The three intensive weeks culminate in a New York City Review that shows off each and every child. In the show, the excitement and look on each performer’s face tell the story of how much they love this camp!"


- Rachel Black Spaulding

  Director, Performer, Teacher, Mother

"I couldn’t wait to come to MTC everyday and learn something new in each class. The kids are all so nice, I feel like I’ve made great friendships. The teachers and staff were very encouraging and supportive."


- Nisha

"MTC is a great program for kids of all ages who are interested in voice, acting and dance. I’m positive that everyone who will join will enjoy, and really LOVE the MTC students and teachers."


- Cassie H.

"Randy Elman has truly helped me become the confident performer and person I am today. She teaches on a level that can make anyone feel comfortable. If I did not understand a dance step or was confused on what to do, Randy would work with me until I was confident with the moves. Not only does she strive for perfection, but she influenced me to push myself, and always practice. I have learned so many important skills from Randy that I still use today. Whether I’m performing in a show, or going on an audition, the lessons Randy has taught have truly made a difference in my life." 


- Victoria B.

Recent credits include: Susan - Big, The Musical; Adelaide - Guys and Dolls; Tess - Camp Rock ………all at The St, Petersburg City Theater – St. Petersburg, FL

“I love to sing! All I want to do is sing all day around the house, school, everywhere!-My favorite place to be is at MTC. All week, I can’t wait to get to my performing arts classes. I just started taking private voice lessons and I can already see a big difference in my voice from when I first started till now. I love all my classes during the year- but my favorite thing is when I get to perform in N.Y.! I feel like a B’way star”!


- Jessica B.

"My daughter Amanda is going on her 4th year at MTC. When she started there, she was very shy and we were hoping that this would help build her self confidence.With compassion and respect, Randy and her staff encouraged Amanda and helped draw out her talent. My daughter's personality has turned around 180 degrees. She has become a real dynamo! Her self esteem and confidence is through the roof and it has spread through every area of her life. She gets leading roles in all the school plays and is always being asked to do solos! Randy has given my daughter a gift I can never repay. She is always glowing and has found her passion in life. Thank you Randy, for bringing out the best in my daughter!"


- Cindy D. , Mother

"I had so much fun at Musical Theatre Conservatory! I learned so much this summer! I can’t wait till next summer!"


- Matt

"It’s the perfect environment for someone to grow and flourish!"


- Jaimey

"This place made me love theatre even more than before I came here!"


- Holley

"Musical Theatre Conservatory taught me very important aspects of theatre and covered a lot of different skills."


- Rebecca

"I love this program! It is WAY more professional than other places, and I feel like I am really learning something. Every time I go I always feel so excited! I recommend MTC!"


- Ashley

"I never thought of myself as a dancer. I used to cringe at the thought of dancing! At MTC I have done things I never thought I would do in dance and I actually enjoy it!"


- Kimmi

"I learned many things that I could use in everyday life. I learned a ton of new things and it was a lot of fun! Great teachers! I wouldn’t change a thing – it’s fabulous!"


- Mallory

"MTC was very professional, but still fun. Everybody was friendly and funny."


- Emma

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