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Welcome to Musical Theatre Conservatory!


“Theatre for Life” is more than just a motto; it is our guiding philosophy. We believe that creative expression through the performing arts can have a lasting impact on students whether they simply have a love for the arts, want to learn to better express themselves, or desire a career as theatre professionals. Our goal is to pass on the love of theatre in a supportive and nurturing environment. We are committed to quality instruction that instills fundamental skills on which students can build and work toward realizing their full potential.

It's All About the Kids!

We are a group of theatre professionals who love to teach performing arts to kids! At Musical Theatre Conservatory it’s all about the kids. From the material and faculty we choose, to the specialized way we teach all aspects of performing- it’s all about providing your child with a theatre arts experience they'll never forget!


Every Child is Important!                                        

At MTC we want every child to feel important. We pride ourselves on providing individual attention to ALL of our students.  No matter the level of experience, every child can be given the opportunity to participate, grow, succeed, and feel important. We believe that being a part of a team of performers provides our students with the opportunity to both shine as individuals and to also gain those essential life skills that can only be developed through teamwork. 

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